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High School Students in Macedonia, Albania, and Kosovo who are passionate about becoming progressive changemakers in their communities and who have completed at least one year of high school and have at least one year left to complete.


Phase I: July 2021
Phase II: August through December 2021


An inter-ethnic youth development program that empowers high school students to foster tolerance and deepen mutual understanding in their communities.

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Phase I: Skopje, Macedonia
Phase II: Participants’ Communities


To empower the next generation of leaders in the Balkans
who will advance human rights.

Day Five: Loss, Remembrance, and Healing – Skopje Holocaust Memorial

Perhaps the most emotionally charged day of “Bridging Backgrounds” was the fifth day when the participants had a guided tour of the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia. The building’s gray concrete and glass architecture resembled the only three other…

Day Four: Activist Talks

The fourth day of Bridging Backgrounds was filled with human rights education activities, community activism training, and the activist talks session. During the activist talks, the participants had the pleasure of listening to talks of and posing questions to three…

Days Two and Three: Theory before Practice – Human Rights Education Activities and Community Activism Training

On the morning of Thursday, June 29, Building Bridges participants started engaging in discussions of identity, human needs, and corresponding rights. Activities and workshops were successfully facilitated by Bridging Backgrounds Program Director Brendan Schultz,…


Bridging Backgrounds is organized by United by Love, a US-based
non-profit organization, and is funded by the United States Department of State.

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